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Sometimes it happens to you! Fri Nov 06 2015

People who know me, know I hate network marketing! All the meetings, all the useless products and all the time and effort exp...

By: Jared Whipple

Never, ever, miss a day! Fri Oct 30 2015

I love nothing better than interviewing people my own age and writing about their success stories, and hearing how XIMO chang...

By: rlomassaro

How About A Hug? Fri Oct 23 2015

I have written a number of biography’s in the last few months on how XIMO has affected people’s lives in a positive way. All...

By: rlomassaro

Amazing Stories Fri Sep 25 2015

Who doesn’t like a good amazing story? The difficult part about writing for XIMO is that there are so many great success sto...

By: rlomassaro

Ximo Made it Happen Sat Sep 19 2015

More often than not, conversations about XIMO seem to focus mostly on how effective it works, how it has changed so many live...

By: rlomassaro

Ryan Palmer Ximo365 Fri Sep 11 2015

Ryan lives in Sterling Utah with his wife Emily and their six lovely children and has been in sales and marketing for over 25...

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